Disasterbetes2010: Mo’ money, mo’ problems…minus the money part

After the bad breath and dandruff, we started noticing another trend in Duncan.  He was losing weight and looking faaaabulous....minus the bad breath, dandruff, and recent emergence of his ribs. I was trying to give a few options to describe his weight in this cattoon - if you want to be ironic and somewhat in... Continue Reading →

Better late than never…Who would have thought this was his favorite food?

So I was out of town this weekend and thought I wrote a post for today but apparently didn't.  So here it is! Duncan LOVES strawberries.  Whenever I eat them he is always there licking the leftover bits I don't eat.  Weirdo. This predilection for nomming on strawberries was taken to a new level when I brought some... Continue Reading →

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