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Hazel is now a little over 2.5. She’s funny and imaginative and I’m feeling inspired to draw based on her toddler creativity! She’s really into Diego and calls herself that all the time, and insists we do, too. I get to be Alicia and her dad is “Baby Jaguar.”

So Diego just started going to a (pre)pre-school and is making new friends. She came home and was listing off names for her stuffed animals. One of those names was “Josep.”  I think she meant Joseph, but whatever.

This turned into Hazel creating an imaginary monster friend named Josep. He’s purple (her favorite color) and he’s a nice and funny monster. Here are a few quick sketches of Josep and Diego having fun!

Purple Elephants




So life got busy and rich cats fell by the wayside, but tonight my daughter said this gem on the car ride to play at gym class. Out of nowhere, I hear, “I really like elephants. I want a purple one to ride on as a friend.” Needless to say, I will begin the search immediately because it was way too cute and I kind of want to see her ride a purple elephant.