A new year, and a malfunctioning drawing tablet, so you’re stuck with this “cattoon.”

So my dumb ol' drawing tablet stylus is still broken and I had to order one from Amazon.  Boo.  But at least I'll soon be able to do better digital drawings than I did today with my mouse. What is this, you ask? I'm sitting on the couch, making a dumb face, with the "cats"... Continue Reading →

Drumroll please…………….TADA! Today is ONE FULL YEAR OF NOTACRAZYCATLADY!!!

Sorry for all the caps up there but I AM EXCITED!  This marks the end of the first year of notacrazycatlady and also the conclusion of my post a day challenge. For those of you from the beginning, you know that I have boldly accepted the challenge (from WordPress.com and I suppose myself) to post... Continue Reading →


We've been feeding the kitties Fancy Feast to avoid any more Disasterbetes drama and I've decided it's waaaaay easier to just leave the can and lid on the floor for the kids to clean them all up than trying to stop them from getting into the recycled cans.  Plus, I don't have to rinse the cans... Continue Reading →

Hello, blankie!

So I made the bed recently for the first time in a long time and put a delicious fleece blanket at the bottom for when I'm feeling chilly in the AC that Adam likes to turn to an ungodly cold temperature.  Adam fleecy blankets because he's always hot, but Smudgie LOOOOOOVES soft blankets.  As soon... Continue Reading →

In this corner we have Duncan the Destroyer and in this corner we have Smudge the Pesterer.

Duncan and Smudge have an illustrious history of cat fighting.  I'm pretty sure it's just play but it might be more, too.  All I know is that almost always Smudge instigates and suffers the ensuing consequences.  Smudge is know for the back leg surprise bite and cower move, while Duncan is famous for his repeated... Continue Reading →

Oooo! What’s this?

Smudge is really kind of excitable.  I won't get into all the details, because he might get embarrassed (Adam, I think you know what I'm talking about) but I will share this. I read once that someone created the question mark based on curious cats and their tails.  While I really can't verify the veracity of this... Continue Reading →

Smudge’s future career path….spelunker.

If Smudge could choose a career, he might choose becoming spelunker.  Why?  Because he likes to burrow in blankets.  However, he is an elitist spelunker.  He will only burrow in Adam's blankets.  Whenever I lift my covers and attempt to coax him in lovingly, he gets a bit interested and excited, comes about an inch from... Continue Reading →

Because this pretty much just happened this morning when I was trying to sleep…

Smudge must have learned some passive aggressiveness from Duncan because he's really stepped up his game lately. Smudge has learned that if he's annoying, he'll get attention.  Mostly because Adam will say something like, "NO, Smudgey," then proceed to pick him up and then give him love.  Now I'm not saying this is Adam's fault... Continue Reading →

Smudge is paving the way for cats who like footwear.

  Waaaaaay back last month when I posted about angry birds I made mention of Smudge and his lack of a driver's license.  Poor guy is stuck with Heelys.  Ok, so someone who would be taking a driver's test probably wouldn't wear Heelys....and neither would cats, but we'll just forget that part.  My cousin told me the... Continue Reading →

This is a must read for every misbehaving cat. Consider this post the Lifetime Move Network of cattoons.

  No one wants a lollipop stuck to them. Adam was at the doctor one day and said he saw a little cat scurrying about outside.  Interested to know more, since I have invaded his brain with cat curiosity in our time together, he watched to see what would happen. And it was....A SEWER CAT!... Continue Reading →

I’ve totally been pulling a Smudge at least 3 times this week.

I think I am perhaps battling some sort of illness, 'cause science knows I'm around enough germs all day long it's bound to happen.  Plus, I've been getting back into my old napping habits lately, so something must be up. My friends will probably laugh at me because I'm usually always tired and the first... Continue Reading →

Coincidence? Or is Adam in cahoots with a logic puzzle book? And if so, I’d like to see some royalties, please.

  Tickets only $12! This September Adam and I tied the knot and went on a splendid honeymoon that was a little less than traditional.  We decided to head to Maine and go on a windjammer boat!  It sounded adventurous, filled with nature, and we thought we were going to be sailors by the end... Continue Reading →

This post contains false pretenses, drugs, and cats.

  Smudge makes more sense like this. I was pumped yesterday when I got my first comment yesterday from someone I don't know.  In honor of her kind words and this momentous occasion in notacrazycatlady.com, I bring you my cattoon inspired by her comment. Duncan and Smudge both actually really like catnip (as evidenced by... Continue Reading →

He’s really embarrassed I posted such a candid cattoon of him. He likes to be portrayed much more glamorously.

  He's just big boned. I've observed that in our frigidly cold apartment the cats are quite adept at surviving.  Sure our apartment isn't that cold but when you're on the 3rd floor of a building you kind of root for science and expect the heat from below to come racing up and party with... Continue Reading →

Smudge likes to keep it old timey.

  It took him years to look this good. So, this really is pretty self-explanatory.  If not, see image below. Ok, and I took a few liberties to help him with his embarrassing moustache imbalance but we don't like to talk about that with him (he gets very self-conscious). Fun fact!: His trademark "moustache" blob is indeed the... Continue Reading →

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