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Kiss From A Rose


There was this ridiculous video I found on Reddit of a drunk guy serenading his cat to the Seal song “Kiss From A Rose.” The guy was honestly pretty good….and I about died laughing, or rather trying not to laugh. I was watching it on my phone in bed and Adam was sleeping, haha. So after I show Adam this he cracks up too.


Fast forward to a few hours later. Adam is not drunk but decides to recreate the scene with Smudge, who is technically Adam’s baby and loves him a lot but is also notoriously a scaredy cat. Cue the music. Smudge starts to squirm around, while Adam does his best Seal impersonation. Suddenly, Smudge squats down and does a barrel roll away from Adam and I’m sure he is about to make his move and sprint away.

Instead he does this.


And just relaxes in the luxuriation of a song from his dad. Typical.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Maybe if they don't see how desperate I am...

Maybe if they don't see how desperate I am...

Yes, I’ll admit it.  Sometimes Adam and I make up songs about mundane everyday things.  Today Adam was singing about the cats.  Specifically Duncan.  Pretty much because Duncan was looking ridiculous and desperate but as if he was trying to hide it.  We decided that it was his way of getting food since he knows that being annoying and meowing just won’t work anymore.