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Begin Dream Sequence



Well, unfortunately for the cats (and me, and nearly everyone else)……they didn’t win the big Powerball lottery. However, I feel like Duncan and Smudge would want to explore what would happen if they became billionaires. Because, really, why not? Didn’t everyone have a plan in their heads if when they win? I know I did. Aside from the usual bigger house, new car, shopping spree, maybe a vacation or two, twenty miniature horses, personal golf cart fleet, luxurious comfort clothes collection for all my lounging needs, personal chef for delicious meals that I don’t have to make and don’t have to grocery shop for, etc., I really wouldn’t want to change my life too much. But the cats….the cats….they would be delirious with the possibility due to their new-found riches. What would they do? These dream sequence posts will explore what the cats would have done if they would have been big winners. Stay tuned!


Powerball anyone?



So the cats are really interested in becoming billionaires. Can you call it being a billionaire if it’s only 1.5 billion? Well, regardless, the cats are searching the coin jar to get a ticket they can share. They said that if they win they’d share the winnings and give me a small cut. I thought that was nice of them, so I let them continue searching for coins in my coin jar and let them think it’s theirs. 🙂

Good luck if you bought your lottery tickets! Smudge and Duncan are pretty convinced they’re lucky tonight. We shall soon see!!