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Why are you so weird?, Part Deux



The story continues….

Shortly after I posted yesterday’s cartoon, I walked into the kitchen to this. Was Duncan emulating his smudged brother? Did he feel left out? Did he find some flour or powdered sugar?

No. Duncan, in his quest for claiming/loving everything he loves, found the paint on the wall or paint tray that Adam was using I the basement as he was priming the walls down there. Seriously Duncan? Paint? What is with you?!? Why would you rub yourself on wet paint?

I tried to get some off and succeeded in sparing his little chin of his embarrassing mark but wasn’t able to get it completely off his lip (do cats have lips?). He had to live with that little reminder….for at least a day or so until it came off. Luckily for him most of it is off already this morning!

I think Duncan and Smudge need to make a trip to get this manicure.


So first, we’ve been totally wrapped up in house stuff and not to throw excuses all over…but I will anyway.  I’m mega-bummed that I haven’t had the energy and drive to get more cattoons done.  Don’t worry, I will not disappear for too long but don’t expect anything prolific for the next few weeks, anyway.  🙂

My cousin, who I featured on my blog earlier, made a shout out to Duncan and Smudge with her own cattoon inspired nail design.  I know I am slacking on putting up my own cattoons and should totally add a cattoon to this…but I’m tired and this was too cool not to share.  😉 Enjoy!


Nails never looked so good.

Nails never looked so good.

I literally lol’d (and I never use that phrase but in the most extraordinary of circumstances, and this is one of those momentous occasions).