I think Duncan and Smudge need to make a trip to get this manicure.

So first, we've been totally wrapped up in house stuff and not to throw excuses all over...but I will anyway.  I'm mega-bummed that I haven't had the energy and drive to get more cattoons done.  Don't worry, I will not disappear for too long but don't expect anything prolific for the next few weeks, anyway.... Continue Reading →

I wish I had the time or cared enough to do my nails because my cousin has some really cool ideas to try!

So I have been peepin' on my cousin's blog and she kicks butt for cool ideas and has what looks like incredibly patience and skills for detail.  Above is just one of the really cool things she posts.  So if you want cool ideas for painting your nails, check out her blog Mixed Mama! Plus,... Continue Reading →

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