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I think Duncan and Smudge need to make a trip to get this manicure.


So first, we’ve been totally wrapped up in house stuff and not to throw excuses all over…but I will anyway.  I’m mega-bummed that I haven’t had the energy and drive to get more cattoons done.  Don’t worry, I will not disappear for too long but don’t expect anything prolific for the next few weeks, anyway.  🙂

My cousin, who I featured on my blog earlier, made a shout out to Duncan and Smudge with her own cattoon inspired nail design.  I know I am slacking on putting up my own cattoons and should totally add a cattoon to this…but I’m tired and this was too cool not to share.  😉 Enjoy!


Nails never looked so good.

Nails never looked so good.

I literally lol’d (and I never use that phrase but in the most extraordinary of circumstances, and this is one of those momentous occasions).