Dogs Love Slides.

So I was browsing around Reddit, as I am oft to do, and on the front page was this picture.  RE. DIC. U. LUS.  Yes, I know that is not spelled anywhere close but it's just simply that ridiculous.   Here is the original picture.  Hold on to your hats.  

Adam, it might be time to stop gaming so much or you might lose your hands.

  I like to hold hands.  It's true.  However, I do not enjoy holding hands if the other party involved has gross hands.  Usually this isn't the case with Adam, until one day........ Adam and I both enjoy playing the occasional frequent video games.  Sometimes his gaming causes him some stress and/or frustration, giving him... Continue Reading →

This is the only day that matters if you say, “I love you.” The rest don’t count.

  Happy Valentime's (on purpose...sounds more fun to say) Day, fools!  Either you are enjoying a surprise card that says "I choo-choo-choose you!" and a refrigerated rose from the grocery store or you are reading candy hearts to yourself over a Hot Pocket.  Or maybe you just don't really care.  Regardless, we can all recognize that this... Continue Reading →

If Duncan went to school, he’d totally get at least a 3.25 GPA.

Good thing he doesn't really love garbage...or guns... Duncan is a pretty smart guy and often demonstrates this in interesting ways. He uses his head and can open doors...well, figuratively in that I'm sure he's using his head to think about it somewhat, and literally using his head to push doors open.  He hasn't figured... Continue Reading →

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