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Oodles of Doodles



Ok, so I have been in a bit of a creative funk lately but it’s starting to come back!  Starting with these doodles.  As I was mindlessly watching Dropdead Diva I doodled these doodles, which I figured I would share since it’s about all the drawing I’ve been doing.  BUT….it got the rust off the old brain, so to speak.

Some highlights…

  • A cat sitting on a stool (unfortunately NOT how Ducan sits on stools.  I think I’d freak the geek out if I saw him sitting like this.)
  • Mini-Adam on a bike.
  • Little fruit peoples
  • A plunger with eyes.
  • Duncan as a grifter selling his wares.  This came up as I was talking with Adam’s cousin Sam about our newly painted basement, half of which is purple, and we collectively decided somehow that Duncan and Smudge could sell purple items out of it.  Don’t ask.  But it made total sense to both of us – guess that shows that 1) great minds think alike and 2) we both might be a little weird.

I am a fruit nut. No food pun intended.

Magic in a tiny orange package.

Magic in a tiny orange package.

I love fruit.

It completes my dining experience.  I really could eat it aaaaaaaaaaall the time if it was available to me.  Yes, I would be making more frequent trips to the restroom but I would be happy.

Recently I bought a bag of those cutie clementines and THEY. WERE. UNEQUIVOCALLY. THE. BEST. I’VE. EVER. EATEN.  Yes, I used caps because they were that good.

They were sweet with a bit of tangy-ness.  They had the perfect texture; not too hard and not to dried out pulpy.  But the combination of flavor and texture made these the best orange eating experiences of my life.  No lie.

Ahh, just thinking about those little suckers puts a smile on my face.  In my kitchen now?  Kiwis, more oranges, a few grapefruits, peaches, a cantelope, and watermelon (which is the LOVE of my fruit life).  I went on a bit of fruit buying binge this week.

Oh fruit….you complete me.

Adventures in Grocerystoreland: She really likes fruit.


This is an adventure in Grocerystoreland where Adam overheard a sweet little girl super excited about fruit; ah, a woman after my own heart.

The dialog is pretty much exact (Adam has an uncanny knack for remembering movie quotations, therefore he also excels at remembering conversations…but only that he wasn’t a part of.  Whenever I try to get him to recall a really important thing he or I said he usually forgets.  Selective?  Maybe.  I know I just hang onto what people said like an elephant and it drives me batty when he can’t remember telling me I was right…just for example).  The best part about this is hearing Adam talk like the little girl – that really makes the story.

For those of you who know Adam, enjoy that.  If you don’t, then I’m sorry.  He also won’t do stories by request either; he’s a bit particular about his story telling.