I titled this "What." This was intentionally not a question but a rhetorical statement (can you even do that?).  Duncan KNOWS he is not supposed to march on countertops or tables but he is also stubborn, too smart for his own good, and stubborn.  And a jerk.  We'll snap and "chuch" him (say the word,... Continue Reading →

A new year, and a malfunctioning drawing tablet, so you’re stuck with this “cattoon.”

So my dumb ol' drawing tablet stylus is still broken and I had to order one from Amazon.  Boo.  But at least I'll soon be able to do better digital drawings than I did today with my mouse. What is this, you ask? I'm sitting on the couch, making a dumb face, with the "cats"... Continue Reading →

Drumroll please…………….TADA! Today is ONE FULL YEAR OF NOTACRAZYCATLADY!!!

Sorry for all the caps up there but I AM EXCITED!  This marks the end of the first year of notacrazycatlady and also the conclusion of my post a day challenge. For those of you from the beginning, you know that I have boldly accepted the challenge (from WordPress.com and I suppose myself) to post... Continue Reading →

I tried…

So their amazing cat climber has a little tube as the middle layer.  I've been really interested in getting them in that tube and succeeded yesterday by putting treats in the middle of it.  Duncan fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.  The only problem was it was an INCREDIBLY tight squeeze.  I suppose I... Continue Reading →

In this corner we have Duncan the Destroyer and in this corner we have Smudge the Pesterer.

Duncan and Smudge have an illustrious history of cat fighting.  I'm pretty sure it's just play but it might be more, too.  All I know is that almost always Smudge instigates and suffers the ensuing consequences.  Smudge is know for the back leg surprise bite and cower move, while Duncan is famous for his repeated... Continue Reading →

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