JoJo versus the Helicopter

My little brother and sister got remote controlled helicopters and they were a big hit for everyone to play with.  However, JoJo the dog also found them....intriguing.  I can't really say how JoJo felt because he fervently began barking at it, following it, retreating from it, AND madly wagging his tail at it.  I can't quite determine what... Continue Reading →

How is it that cats can sleep in the least comfortable positions?

So I needed an idea for my cattoon today and Prentice shared on my Facebook page that I should draw " Hilarious poses/places cat sleep in. They would look uncomfortable [to] any other animal, but cats make it look like the bee's knees."   Pretty much her using "the bee's knees" sold me.  Thanks to Judy,... Continue Reading →

Surprise! It’s not always gonna be cats! Well, truth be told it will be mostly cats. But today it’s Paris Hilton!

This would have been the shirt of 2005. So I was talking with my brother the other day and somehow we got talking about his brilliant t-shirt idea that would have been a big money maker back in the mid-2000s*: Paris Hilton with "That's Hot"...but she's ON FIRE!  So it's literal.  And not just metaphorical.... Continue Reading →

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