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Oh, I’m sorry. Were you trying to use this?

I'm sorry, were you trying to use this?

I’m sorry, were you trying to use this?

As I sit trying to finish up some college class stuff, of course Duncan just decides to lay pretty much on the keyboard of my laptop.  He’s done it enough that we have a thing now where I move the laptop to my knees and he gets to lay close to me.  It’s not that bad and at least he doesn’t try to march around on the keyboard anymore.


Stupid Commercials



I just saw a commercial for Jif where a college girl got a care package from her mom that included a jar of makes-you-feel-good peanut butter.  Ok, a few things wrong with this.

  1. Seriously, peanut butter?  It’s great an all but does that really need to be sent to a college kid?  It’s not like she’s traveling abroad or anything and peanut butter is in scare supply.
  2. If a college kid wants anything sent to her, I’m pretty sure it’s not peanut butter.  I’m pretty sure some money or beer would suffice.
  3. Is this really the best the Jif can do to try and tug at America’s heart strings?  I think that makes me want to buy Jif less.  That and my very mild peanut allergy, but that’s beside the point.