Rainbow Cats

Here's another installment of me playing with watercolors! Here are some rainbow cats. The one on the bottom right is just starting to turn fancy (hence the goofy look of uncertainty and surprise) and the other two have already turned over from plain old cats into beautiful rainbow felines. I like how they turned out... Continue Reading →

Hello, again!

Oooooooooook.  I'm back.  Yes, I am here and moved in to our newly fixed up little house.  So hello, again! Firstly, we've been working super hard on getting our house all fixed up....like 3-5 days a week after work and almost all weekend every weekend since January.  I know, right?  I totally didn't imagine that... Continue Reading →

A new year, and a malfunctioning drawing tablet, so you’re stuck with this “cattoon.”

So my dumb ol' drawing tablet stylus is still broken and I had to order one from Amazon.  Boo.  But at least I'll soon be able to do better digital drawings than I did today with my mouse. What is this, you ask? I'm sitting on the couch, making a dumb face, with the "cats"... Continue Reading →

Drumroll please…………….TADA! Today is ONE FULL YEAR OF NOTACRAZYCATLADY!!!

Sorry for all the caps up there but I AM EXCITED!  This marks the end of the first year of notacrazycatlady and also the conclusion of my post a day challenge. For those of you from the beginning, you know that I have boldly accepted the challenge (from WordPress.com and I suppose myself) to post... Continue Reading →


So I took this photo on our honeymoon in Maine and I decided...you know, since I'm not a crazy cat lady....that it would be fun to pretend the cats were there, too.  Since Smudge loves to get in the way of things he is photobombing a lovely shot of Duncan dipping his toes in the... Continue Reading →

It’s a party!

This is a post live from a family holiday party!  I am a leaning cat because I am a bit tipsy, haha.  There are  a lot of family members here and I don't want to eavesdrop on their conversations so that's why I made them say "blah blah"...not that they just blah blah it up.  🙂

“Adam, I’m no wimp” or “A post based on childish response to taunting by a husband”

Ok, I give in.  Mostly because Adam called me a wimp in my comments.  Boo hoo - now I'm crying but when I'm done I'm gonna show you and post that dumb painting! That'll show you.... Here is the painitng of Mr. Smudge.  It's on his favorite chair to add to the realism.  I know... Continue Reading →

I went upstairs today to find Duncan just causally lounging on the countertop staring at the oven.  I know he was just making sure it didn't overcook.  What a good member of the household...


We've been feeding the kitties Fancy Feast to avoid any more Disasterbetes drama and I've decided it's waaaaay easier to just leave the can and lid on the floor for the kids to clean them all up than trying to stop them from getting into the recycled cans.  Plus, I don't have to rinse the cans... Continue Reading →

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