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Catnip Farms



So I decided to draw a little about what Duncan would do if he won that Powerball lottery. He definitely would start his own catnip farm and since he’s such a down-to-earth kind of cat he would work this farm. Now, being as it’s a catnip farm he would also most definitely not really work but would end up in a catnip coma out in the fields, rolling around, basking in the sunshine. So inevitably the farm would fail and his dream of being a farmer would be short-lived. He, of course, would be a multi-millionaire after having won the lottery so he wouldn’t really mind. All in all, a pretty good life experience and he gets some great coveralls out of the deal.

Hello, again!

Get hip to the nip.

Get hip to the nip.

Oooooooooook.  I’m back.  Yes, I am here and moved in to our newly fixed up little house.  So hello, again!

Firstly, we’ve been working super hard on getting our house all fixed up….like 3-5 days a week after work and almost all weekend every weekend since January.  I know, right?  I totally didn’t imagine that we were going to have to do so much but it was totally worth it and now we’ve got a cool little bungalow all our own!

I have missed drawing (and the lack of practice will show in the next few upcoming posts, yikes) but I am proud to say that I believe I will be back to some sort of regular drawing schedule.  I hope.

I thought it would be fitting to tie in the house with the blog, so here I have a true story from today.  Duncan and Smudge have adjusted pretty well to life here but Smudge is still fairly nervous, as usual.  So our lovely neighbor stopped by and must have seen the cats peepin’ out the window once or twice because she brought us fresh catnip from her garden.  How, we were also the lucky recipient of a package of catnip seeds from our friends, but haven’t gotten around to planting them yet.  But we’d better do it quick because the catnip was a huge success…..sort of.

Duncan, the crazy, food-begging, fake-plant-chewing one was completely uninterested beyond a sniff and chose to go to his gross orange stick toy with the nasty dried catnip in it.

Smudge, on the other hand, went BANANAS for it!!  I was shocked.  He ate it up as fast as we could give it to him.

So that’s what this drawing is all about.  Lame old Duncan sitting by his favorite toy and Smudgie rejoicing in the pleasure of a good fresh treat.

I really had no idea of the power of fresh catnip.  Later today we went to visit little Norman (my brother’s cat, if you remember), since they now live down the street from us, and he was even more nuts about it.  He was rolling all around on the floor seemingly trying to get more catnip from the wood floor.  It was entertaining to say the least.

Anyway, sorry this has been so long overdue but be prepared for more cattoons in the future!!

This post contains false pretenses, drugs, and cats.



Smudge makes more sense like this.
Smudge makes more sense like this.

I was pumped yesterday when I got my first comment yesterday from someone I don’t know.  In honor of her kind words and this momentous occasion in notacrazycatlady.com, I bring you my cattoon inspired by her comment.

Duncan and Smudge both actually really like catnip (as evidenced by Duncan’s hidden stash in the pocket of his smart and practical short sleeve button down shirt – those shirts just remind me of my high school social studies teacher).  We keep the ‘nip in the kitchen so it kind of makes me wonder if when I go get it for them they mistake it for food and that’s why they go gaga for it.  That would apply at least to Duncan and Smudge is pretty good at following.

The next thing I wonder about is what the heck they are thinking when they are on it.  Is is like a hallucinogen and they imagine entering a wonderful world of floating Doritos/birds/squirrels/cheese sticks that they can chase?  Because they move pretty darn fast when they’ve rolled in and licked up catnip.  Additionally, when Duncan hears a cheese stick being pulled from the package – let me repeat.  Pulled. From. The. Package.  Not being opening, not smelling it, not seeing me get it – when he hears that chhhhhhh as it tears from the perforations.  He comes RUNNING.  So it wouldn’t surprise me if he was on some sort of a cheese hunt in his tiny little melon.  And Smudge loves to eat squirrels so that seems reasonable, too.  Or are they just all jacked up and ready to go and just have to run, run, run as fast as they can or else their hearts are going to explode?  Perhaps they get really paranoid and feel like they’re being chased by a noisy plastic bag being crinkled/vacuum cleaner/squirt bottle?  Who knows.

And really, who cares?  Because when it boils down to it, if they are busy in their own world and aren’t marching all over me when I’m trying to type or eat delicious cereal then that catnip is going to be like my new babysitter catsitter.  I mean, I wouldn’t ever probably wouldn’t do that if I had kids but Duncan and Smudge seem to really enjoy it and they’re practically middle-aged so who am I to kill their buzz?  Plus they’re cats.

On a side note, Duncan LOVES to lick the tops of strawberries when I finish eating them.  I did a small bit o’ research and found that strawberries and catnip are apparently related plants.  So if you are wanting a drug free environment for your cats you must rid your household of strawberries, as well.  Boo 😦   But since I’m ok with the ‘nip for the boys, it’s allllll right with me to keep strawberries in the house…minus the probably tons of pesticides I consume from strawberries.  That’s probably worse than a high cat.