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Holidays are for family







So I got a pretty cool gift this holiday season – an iPad! I am going to try and draw on it more since I’ve been a big slacker and haven’t done a lot in a long time. Here are a few I made with the Paper app, which is really nice. Plus a fun bonus surprise coming March 31st!  And if that made no sense…it’s a baby!

This is a bit crazy even for me.

That bird is crazy!  And I'm Brian Fellow!

That bird is crazy! And I'm Brian Fellow! (Just a li'l shoutout to a favorite SNL skit!)

So I found this crazy owl baby picture on Reddit and decided it tickled my fancy.   So I didn’t quite get it right, but I still think it’s pretty funny.  Adam says it’s a little too dark for my normal style but I like it.  I guess a crazy owl baby can spread its crazy even from a distance.

Beware.  Birds are creepy.

Anna Cat



So I was busy and forgot to post a drawing and am not close to home….so I had to improvise.  My friends Sarah and Dave have a brand new baby girl Anna who is also secretly a cat.  Here she is.  We are hanging out.  Meow.

Sorry this is so weird but that’s all I’ve got for you.

Watch it, mister.

Watch it, mister.

Bonus points if you can spot the "notacrazycatlady" shout-out in this cartoon!

One of my best friends Emily just had a baby this winter.  She’s the first of my close high school friends to have a baby so I’m excited to be “Aunt” Lindsay.  Maybe I’ll just let her call me Aunt Notacrazycatlady.  Either will do.

In honor of this baby, here is a cartoon.

Little baby Claire came up with Emily when I was visiting Ohio this spring.  We stopped by Emily’s awesome parents to say hello and I got to meet their new little dog Jack, who they appropriately and lovingly (?) call simple Jack.  I can only assume because he’s dumb.

He also is a bit of a cantankerous little fellow and has issue with Claire.  As in, he would like to eat here.

So here is Jack, living out his fantasy while sweet little Claire slumbers on.   Let’s hope this is the closest he ever comes to nomming on Claire.

You may also notice the “censored” bar on Jack.  Ahem….he might have had a little big problem that needed reducing and still isn’t quite under control.  Gross.   At least he’s a little dog.  Could be worse.

Flashback Drawing: airplane + passing a baby = disaster

I hope for the baby's sake that it was a short fall.

I hope for the baby's sake that it was a short fall.

My cousin Kaitlyn was flying to/from college (sorry I might have to make part of this story up since I don’t remember all the details) and told me this story of despair, embarrassment, and stereotyping bumbling dads.

Pretty much the lesson learned here is if you are passing a baby, make sure you know if they other person has got it.  Kinda like when you pass a plate or something and you say “I got it.”  That would be a good idea with a baby, too.