Adam likes new wearing new accessories.

So I have a horrible secret to reveal.  I cause my husband gratuitous injuries.  Not like in a secret abusive relationship way, but either directly or indirectly, I cause Adam injuries on a fairly regular basis. For example, this weekend we decided to try cross-country skiing because the park system had a rental for boots... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July!

I've been saving this since last year....that's super hard for me to do, so you should appreciate this, folks. Anyway, Adam might have had a little too much fun last year and may have ended up laying on our kitchen floor hiccuping like a cartoon drunk.  Hahah.

Because this pretty much just happened this morning when I was trying to sleep…

Smudge must have learned some passive aggressiveness from Duncan because he's really stepped up his game lately. Smudge has learned that if he's annoying, he'll get attention.  Mostly because Adam will say something like, "NO, Smudgey," then proceed to pick him up and then give him love.  Now I'm not saying this is Adam's fault... Continue Reading →

Before you jump into action when hearing a screaming child, take a second to listen to what they’re screaming about…

  She really, really, really, wanted some cookies.   Adam and I were in Target shopping for groceries and whatnot.  We were just doing our thing zipping in and out of aisles when we heard this melancholic pathetic moan-cry coming from a little ways away. "Someone's sad," I cheerfully noted, thanking myself that it wasn't... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Grocerystoreland: She really likes fruit.

This is an adventure in Grocerystoreland where Adam overheard a sweet little girl super excited about fruit; ah, a woman after my own heart. The dialog is pretty much exact (Adam has an uncanny knack for remembering movie quotations, therefore he also excels at remembering conversations...but only that he wasn't a part of.  Whenever I... Continue Reading →

Adam, it might be time to stop gaming so much or you might lose your hands.

  I like to hold hands.  It's true.  However, I do not enjoy holding hands if the other party involved has gross hands.  Usually this isn't the case with Adam, until one day........ Adam and I both enjoy playing the occasional frequent video games.  Sometimes his gaming causes him some stress and/or frustration, giving him... Continue Reading →

All you need is a little passive aggressiveness in your life to live Duncanstyle.

It's pretty emphatic. When Duncan means business, he means business and he's not afraid to let you know.  Since he can only meow and can't really talk (although I suspect he practices at home when we're not around), he has a few other communication skills. In this case he calls upon the sheer power of... Continue Reading →

Coincidence? Or is Adam in cahoots with a logic puzzle book? And if so, I’d like to see some royalties, please.

  Tickets only $12! This September Adam and I tied the knot and went on a splendid honeymoon that was a little less than traditional.  We decided to head to Maine and go on a windjammer boat!  It sounded adventurous, filled with nature, and we thought we were going to be sailors by the end... Continue Reading →

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