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Duncan approved: He's purring hardcore on my lap right now.
Duncan approved: He's purring hardcore on my lap right now.

As the title suggests….I’m not a crazy cat lady; some might beg to differ but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This blog is a compilation of my “cattoons,” as my cousin Katie called them, and acts as a journal of the funny experiences in daily life, random musings and perceptions about things, and representations of what my partner Adam says that I think are hilarious.

It all started with our two cats Duncan and Smudge…

Like any cat owner knows, they do lots of things that make us smile and laugh so I had to start drawing cattoons about them just ’cause it was funny.  Well, somehow I became Duncan in some cattoons and Adam became Smudge and the drawings took on a whole new dimension.  So now the cats represent people as well as just ridiculous cat antics.  Each cattoon usually has a little story to accompany it, so it’s a cattoon experience in every glorious glance.  Enjoy!

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Note: There is no “a” in the email.  I know.  I know.  I got on the Gmail train too late with this name and had to take second pick.

And if you are just too lazy to go into your email, send me a personal message here (I’m not judging you.):

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  1. Thanks!

    I understood the lack of ‘a’ – it was the use of ‘shaft’ I was puzzled by, and ‘make due’ confused me . . in British English it is usually used as ‘make do’ though it appears to be used in both spellings in the US . . . those pesky homophones . . .


  2. I’m novice pc user approaching old age, ha!, and came across your website and don’t know how but found it entertaining and reminded me so much of the 2 kitties I lost in December 2009, Miss Puss Kitty and Puddinanna. Puddinanna looked a great deal like Smudge with the black spot on her mouth. I moved in with my brothers’ family breifly after hip surgery to recop and had to put them outside for the first time in their lives. All was good for about a month as they stayed on and around the back screened porch. Then, their dog scared them into the front yard where they took over the front porch. While I was away Puddinanna disappeared. We found her about a week later under the house where she had apparently crawled to die after being hit by a car or severly injured in some unknown manner. Two weeks later Miss Puss Kitty disappeared and I never found her. I miss them terribly to this day as they were my “children” for 8 years. Up to the point that I moved to my brothers, I lived alone with them. I now have another baby named Tinker that took up at my house as someone must have not wanted him.


  3. Hello, Just found your blog and I’m chuckling like a lune. Love your drawings. We currently have one laid back moggie dude who valiantly puts up with our 3 children.
    Great fun!


  4. Ooooops, I just sent you an email by accident. I meant to post here:
    I’d like to pass an award onto you. Your post-a-day cattoons are giving me a smile-a-day and that is worth so much! It’s here. Please feel free to grab it!


  5. I love your cattoons! I, too, am a cat-owner who is also not a crazy cat lady. One of my cats (who also enjoys being cradled on her back) sits up in chairs like a human. Sometimes we feel she needs a martini glass in one hand and a cigar in the other.


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