Chocolate Milk


This picture comes with a little story, in case you were looking at it and felt really confused.

So we were out to breakfast with some friends (shout out to Mar and Sar and their respective crews) and Hazel got a chocolate milk. This is by far the best drink and therefore, Hazel guzzled it down in like 2 minutes. No exaggeration on this one. As I was delicately sipping my water, she looked at me and said, “My belly hurts because I drank so much chocolate milk.” When I looked in to the glass I was shocked that she slurped it down so fast and with so much focus.

In honor of her big accomplishment and subsequent belly ache, I drew a sad little Hazel with a chocolate milk filled bottle-belly. It’s the one on the right and I thought it was so silly and probably actually accurate for how much milk she consumed. It also had no red scribbles on it initially (foreshadowing here).

I showed Hazel and she was immediately irate and mad that I drew her with a brown milk body because she had chosen and worn her fancy red dress just for this occasion. To appease her I drew a Happy Hazel in a red dress (except I chose a violet red, which was apparently not the right color). She glanced over with a neutral face and then asked to draw over the first drawing on the right with a red crayon, pushing aside the violet red I used just a minute before and getting a “real red”. I can’t blame her; it was a better match to her dress.

After she did talk about her chocolate milk body and wanted me to draw it again, so I guess it grew on her.

So there you have the explanation for a non-sequential drawing about a girl who did not like that I drew her in brown when she was wearing her red dress which she had specifically chosen to look like Owlette from PJ Masks.



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