Zip Line

I got a doodling book to give me some inspiration and practice and yesterday I did this little zip line drawing. I like to think this is a businessman who drove out to the woods to what he thought was a meeting, then whomever he met there that was forcing him to climb a ladder to a zip line platform while the businessman was actively trying to negotiate and get them all to stop walking so he could talk, and then upon reaching the top of the platform he was gently shoved off in the middle of trying to figure out what was happening. I guess that kind of sounds like a kidnapping…which wasn’t what I was going for completely.

Here’s let’s end it like this so it seems less sinister… He gets to the end of the zip line. He looks around for a second with a blank stare, pauses, then enthusiastically jumps in the air letting out a cry of joy and runs back to the ladder to do it again. See, it was an intervention to get him to loosen up and enjoy life so that he can be a better man in both the office and at home. The End.


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