Cat Cat returns with new gadgets!


Cat Cat returns! This time with new and improved gadgetry, since he doesn’t have too many skills otherwise and needs some technologic support. This adventure features Cat Cat’s newest gizmo, the Hairball-SpectroScope TM. Side note: I think Cat Cat has some sort of sidekick, yet to be determined, who is the brains behind the operation, feverishly working in a lab to concoct the newest and greatest support tools to aid a slightly enhanced cat.

Ok, back to this episode. Cat Cat feels a familiar and unsettling feeling. It begins with a tickle in the throat. It persists and a slight cough begins. This cough perpetuates and morphs into a wheeze. Ah, the old familiar wheeze of Cat Cat’s evil nemesis, Hairball McHairball. Always, trying to spoil a good time and provide mild discomfort, Hairball McHairball works regularly to join the hairs of Cat Cat into its mortal vessel, adding insult to injury in that the discomfort is created from Cat Cat’s own kryptonite…his own fur.

In order to foil Hairball McHairball, Cat Cat’s Hairball-SpectroScope TM comes to the rescue! This piece of gear has the ability to find and direct Cat Cat to the perfect elimination location for hairballs. That’s right, the carpet. Because, why would the smooth, easy to clean, hardwood or tile be where Cat Cat can be guided to? Cat Cat’s slightly enhanced cat powers directs Cat Cat to ALWAYS spitting up a hairball on the carpet. ALWAYS…


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