Better than GPS


Have you ever wondered where your pet was in the house? It’s pretty certain Smudge will be on the bed, back of the couch, or in a sun spot near a window. Duncan, however, is a little harder to track down. Therefore, after careful observations and data collection, I can assuredly determine that…I really can’t predict where he will be. However….I can use three sure-fire tactics to get him to be in my location, therefore, I will know his location.

Pretty clever, huh?

Ok, here goes. My three guaranteed techniques for making Duncan’s location my location.

  1. Shake his food and/or snacks. I suppose opening a can of cat food also applies here, but it’s really most effective with a shaking sound. This actually works on Smudge, too. Hurrah!
  2. Open, no, actually just hold a deli product (meat/cheese). I cannot even say how many times I’ve just picked up the salami package from the fridge and immediately feel a paw on my leg, with a sad little tap accompanied by a pathetic “mreh” sound. After a gentle refusal, the sad little tap transforms into a claw-filled climb up my leg in an attempt to use me as a means of reaching said bag of deli meat or cheese.
  3. Sit on the couch. The drawing actually shows that this has to be more than simply sitting on the couch but reaches into some sort of telepathy or something. I swear, whenever I start thinking about relaxing on the couch there is the immediate presence of a cat nearby. No sooner than I take my seat does Duncan take his. On my lap. Inevitably on my computer or at least obtrusively so right in front of it.

So there you have it. My three techniques for finding Duncan. I am most certain there is some sort of cat code that makes it so other cats have to share some, if not all, of these same behaviors…so I’d bet I’m not the only one with these cat-finding tricks!

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