Down By The Bay

You know that song? “Down by the baaaaay, where the watermelons grooooooow, back to my hooooome, I dare not gooooooo. For if I dooooo, my mother will saaaaaaay, ‘Have you ever seen a bear combing its hair?’ Down by the bay!”

Well Hazel thinks it’s hilarious and loved when I said,  “Have you ever seen a cat, wearing a hat?”

I decided to make her a picture for her third birthday. She loves pink and purple and informed me she wanted a pink and purple cat. 

I thought she really liked until the other night she said it was scary to her. Granted, she did have a fever and may have been hallucinating. Probably. 

2 thoughts on “Down By The Bay

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  1. I think the cat is rather sweet, especially her hat. Poor Hazel…hope she’s the sweetness when she ” unfevered”!


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