Trudith does NOT do summer


So, summer is here pretty much and I’m off school. To really mix things up, we don’t really have internet right now so I’ve almost finished three books in the last week (and no, not just picture books for Hazel!). Well go figure, the batteries died on my phone and my Kindle was nowhere to be seen. So being a product of the elder-Millenials and currently reading e-books only, and also not wanting to make a concerted effort to charge my phone near me, I decided to put technology aside and draw. It’s been so long! Especially drawing with paper and pencil. But so fun!

So here’s Trudith, who (whom?) you might remember from a long time ago, and her cat  (whose name I forget and I’ll have to go back on previous posts to figure that one out). Yesterday here was supremely hot and humid – we’re taking 90F, people. I decided that Trudith does not do summer and neither does her cat.

Enjoy!  I think more Trudith might be on the way because I think she’ll have some great adventures planned this summer. Then again, it’s entirely possible once I get internet up and running again that I’ll just get distracted by Netflix. The excitement is in the gamble!

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