Begin Dream Sequence


Well, unfortunately for the cats (and me, and nearly everyone else)……they didn’t win the big Powerball lottery. However, I feel like Duncan and Smudge would want to explore what would happen if they became billionaires. Because, really, why not? Didn’t everyone have a plan in their heads if when they win? I know I did. Aside from the usual bigger house, new car, shopping spree, maybe a vacation or two, twenty miniature horses, personal golf cart fleet, luxurious comfort clothes collection for all my lounging needs, personal chef for delicious meals that I don’t have to make and don’t have to grocery shop for, etc., I really wouldn’t want to change my life too much. But the cats….the cats….they would be delirious with the possibility due to their new-found riches. What would they do? These dream sequence posts will explore what the cats would have done if they would have been big winners. Stay tuned!


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