Hey, Baby Hazel! Go away now.


So just about 2 months ago little baby Hazel came to play! Big excitement for all of us and a definite chaos element to her arrival, but for the cats the excitement tended to seem just like chaos. So here is baby Hazel if she were a kitten, haha, and my representation of the cats’ reactions to her.

Duncan is just incredulous, like, what is this thing? When she cries….and she does that quite a bit….he used to do a big-eyed run between Adam and me, seemingly trying to say something like, “Are you gonna stop it? Who’s gonna stop this thing? You guys do hear that, right? It’s not just me. So why haven’t you stopped it yet??” He more or less ignores her now and even has taken to sitting on my lap while I hold her.

Smudge was pretty much missing for most of the first month. His normal hangout is the bed upstairs but he decided that under the bed is the best spot for him most days. He’s gotten back to just sitting on the bed, but if Hazel starts screaming it’s back to his cave dwelling under the bed.

So anyway, here’s a picture of the real baby, who is not a kitten.


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