Monthly Archives: March 2014

Caption this.



Duncan is often seen in this pose. But what could he be doing?? Here are a few apropos captions that could very well describe what he’s doing.

1. Duncan is dipping his paw into his water dish to test the waters. Yes, there’s water in there, you can drink like a regular cat now.

2. Duncan is poised over his brother Smudge issuing a series of repeated bops to the head. Yes, Smudge was probably chasing him first but just rolls over on his side and takes said head bops like a chump champ.

3. Duncan has sneaked up closer and closer to my food plate, so slowly I almost didn’t notice. Like a ninja, his paw stealthily finds its victim, a renegade french fry or any food bit, really. But of course I notice it because I’m not giving up my dang food, so I’m sorry, Duncan. But you’ll have to use your cobra paw any other day.

4. My favorite: In an attempt to get his morning breakfast on his time table, he finds his slack-jawed, mouth breathing, sleeping cat mom (me) and tries to put his paw in my mouth to wake me up. Yes, it usually works.

Marker Moustache



I’m not exactly sure how it transpired but it was magnificent. I was grading papers with a marker and somehow Adam got silly and tried to harass me. So in self-defense only, I gave him half of a (washable!) marker moustache. And I even gave it a little flair with a curl. He looked wonderful with a half of a curled green moustache on top of his beard he already sports.