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Everyone’s invited!



Firstly, I was planning on this just being a quick sketch I might try to improve upon later but it looked too funny to do anything more with. Haha

Adam was playing with Smudge but Duncan kept meowing. Move forward a minute or so and I see this – Adam carrying a soothed Duncan while dragging around a pink feather toy for Mr. Smudge to play with and chase. And like a flash, the trio passed and I was left amused.

New Views



We decided to “catify” the house a little by giving the cats a few more places to explore. We took off some things from the top of a bookshelf so the cat-os can see the room from a different view. Duncan was instantly drawn to the mirror on the wall and started taking in the world from the mirror. Not particularly all that cute or funny……but it was.

King of the Cat Climber



Duncan has been exploring several of Smudge’s spots in the house. Yes, I know that cats are territorial and have their own spaces, but Smudge has been quite rude about it all. Duncan will hang out on the cat bed or up on the top level of the cat climber, minding his own business, when Smudge suddenly tries to disrupt him. Inevitably this includes nipping at back legs and each other, with the final result of Smudge winning out and Duncan hopping off to find some respite. Perhaps this is unfair of me, but Smudge is such a jerk!

Kiss From A Rose


There was this ridiculous video I found on Reddit of a drunk guy serenading his cat to the Seal song “Kiss From A Rose.” The guy was honestly pretty good….and I about died laughing, or rather trying not to laugh. I was watching it on my phone in bed and Adam was sleeping, haha. So after I show Adam this he cracks up too.


Fast forward to a few hours later. Adam is not drunk but decides to recreate the scene with Smudge, who is technically Adam’s baby and loves him a lot but is also notoriously a scaredy cat. Cue the music. Smudge starts to squirm around, while Adam does his best Seal impersonation. Suddenly, Smudge squats down and does a barrel roll away from Adam and I’m sure he is about to make his move and sprint away.

Instead he does this.


And just relaxes in the luxuriation of a song from his dad. Typical.

Why are you so weird?, Part Deux



The story continues….

Shortly after I posted yesterday’s cartoon, I walked into the kitchen to this. Was Duncan emulating his smudged brother? Did he feel left out? Did he find some flour or powdered sugar?

No. Duncan, in his quest for claiming/loving everything he loves, found the paint on the wall or paint tray that Adam was using I the basement as he was priming the walls down there. Seriously Duncan? Paint? What is with you?!? Why would you rub yourself on wet paint?

I tried to get some off and succeeded in sparing his little chin of his embarrassing mark but wasn’t able to get it completely off his lip (do cats have lips?). He had to live with that little reminder….for at least a day or so until it came off. Luckily for him most of it is off already this morning!