Why are you so weird?


I finished off a bag of delicious baby carrots and had the bag sitting on the coffee table…lazy, I know. Anyway, Duncan comes along and begins his ritual display of affection for inanimate objects. Actually as I am typing this he’s doing it again. He schmears his head on the object repeatedly and profusely for minutes on end. I posted something about this a while ago I with strawberries, but he’s at it again and I had to make reference of it. Because. It’s. Just. So. Weird. He loves doing this produce; bags of veggies or fruit are his new best friends. But not only that but he loves electronics, too. Although, he’s particular about what electronics he demonstrates his love towards. He will help out Adam when he is doing work in the basement or wherever, never afraid of the power tool noises (unless there is a vacuum, then forget about it), and will rub his head on the electric drill. At least, he does it to the drill until the drill falls over on its side. Then he’ll keep going with the he fallen drill. He’ll also do this to the power strip on the floor of the bedroom when I am getting ready. So weird. But I love him. Perhaps because of his weird quirks.

3 thoughts on “Why are you so weird?

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  1. I always assumed when my cat was doing that he was sort of annexing the object as “his.” He didn’t do it with garbage though — just things that I brought into the house like new shoes or pretty much anything else. Duncan sounds adorable. 🙂


    1. I think you might be right. Duncan is just so emphatic about it sometimes. It’s no normal head rub – this is serious business! But I guess if you are a cat, what else are you going to do? That is his business. 🙂


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