He totally knows what he's doing.
He totally knows what he’s doing.

I titled this “What.” This was intentionally not a question but a rhetorical statement (can you even do that?).  Duncan KNOWS he is not supposed to march on countertops or tables but he is also stubborn, too smart for his own good, and stubborn.  And a jerk.  We’ll snap and “chuch” him (say the word, you’ll know what I mean) and he’ll hop off only to rebound from his scolding with another quick trip to the table or wherever else he isn’t supposed to be.  I suppose I love his tenacity but it’s annoying and a little gross.  Oh, Duncan, how you vex me.

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  1. I feel you on this! It is timely because my cat has just started walking on my table and won’t stop. She is 17 and hasn’t done this before! I kind of have to admire her though. Imagine jumping up onto a table when you are almost 90! I am not sure what she is after though.


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