Call the police…I’ve been robbed

Stolen Yogurt
Stolen Yogurt

The other day, Adam came home, walked in the door, and before I could even see him I hear him say in a nonchalant voice, “Call the police…I’ve been robbed.” It turns out that when he was talking on the phone with me when he was at the grocery store, and when he got to the register he was a yogurt short. He thinks that the lady standing next to him stole the yogurt from his cart since he took the last strawberry yogurt. He’s taking Duncan as his attack cat next time.  I decided she would be a sneaky lady who couldn’t stand to be without her “fav” 100 calorie yogurt in strawberry so she swiped it and power-walked her way outta there.

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  1. That is hilarious, imagine just going shopping and taking all your stuff from other peoples trolleys, everyone would not be pleased but it would serve them right for taking the last item I wanted. The sheer thought of it has made my day :D.


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