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A little pun never hurt anyone…


Gourdi LaForge

So I’ve gotten Adam hooked onto Star Trek the Next Generation.  We love it.  And we have a love-hate relationship with goofy old Geordi La Forge (which I found out today is this strange spelling…look it up!).  His awful humor and one-liners kill me but his Coco No-Nos on the beach (and I want to serve them now) and good-heartedness help me tolerate his character.  So anyway, I went downstairs the other day with a note and word bubble from Gourdi La Forge, a la Adam.

Smudge is Scared of Sandy



As I’m sitting here at my pal’s house (who has power) finishing this drawing from yesterday, I think I should have been more scared of the wind like poor ol’ Smudge here.  I hope the power comes back on soon or it might be a sleep over for a few days!

rawr. do your work.


rawr. do your work.

So I’ve started to bring my drawing tablet to school.  It’s awesome to make my projector kind of into an interactive-type thing.  I’ve been able to emphasize things, draw images, and take notes with the kids.  But I’ve also used it for a bit of fun.  At the end of the day I have a study hall so while they were coming into class I made this little guy. They said it looked like a lizard…which I suppose it does. 🙂  But I hope it scared them into doing their work.  rawr.


Hi, friends.  Adam sent me a hilarious picture of a little dog.   We like funny looking animals.  So I was playing on my phone and adjusted it a bit.   Enjoy!

Birthday Boy

It’s a birthday boy!

Hipster Dog

I totally knew about this dog, like, months ago before anyone else knew about it…


He’s a balla, yo.



Funny Little Dog: A Variation on a Theme