Adam: “Did you trace that or freehand it…because I’ve never seen you draw anything that well before.” Um….thanks?


So I’ve been working at a day camp and during free time a kid and I started drawing and she asked me to draw her something.  So, I did and she liked it and asked for Hello Kitty.  I told her I can’t do it from memory and needed a picture so we got a Sponge Bob puzzle instead and I did Sponge Bob and Patrick from it and that got the ball rolling and pretty much I was drawing for kids for a bunch of the rest of the day.

Of Mario, Sonic, a dragon, some puppies, Alvin and Theodore from the Chipmunks, some random monsters, Deadpool, and some more, here are two that I would like to share.

And yes, Adam, I DID freehand it.  I just had the image on the screen of the computer and went to town drawing on paper.

This is Deadpool, and anti-hero that my step-sisters loves so I knew about him when a girl asked me to draw it for her dad.  So, here’s where I found it.  I totally don’t know if that’s the artist or not.

This is a drawing of a drawing.

This is a drawing of a drawing.

And here is Paper Mario also from an image online that I looked at when I was drawing.

It's me....Mario

It’s me…Mario!

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