“The Change” is beginning…

How embarrassing...
How embarrassing…

So I’ve begun to let myself go and the URL of this blog is becoming more misleading.  I realize lately that I totally go places (work included) with cat fur on my clothes and am not specifically aware of it….nor do I really care – until I realize I have stupid cat fur all over me and I feel the social implications hurrying around my brain telling me that I’ll look like a true crazy cat lady if I don’t make a loop of scotch tape and furiously start rolling my clothes clean.

This has also led me on a brushing crusade with Duncan and Smudge with the intent to solve the root problem.  Because, you know, it’s not really my fault that I don’t want to clean the fur off my clothes when I decide to leave the house; it’s all theirs.  Sorry cats, it’s just easier this way.

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