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Adam: “Did you trace that or freehand it…because I’ve never seen you draw anything that well before.” Um….thanks?


So I’ve been working at a day camp and during free time a kid and I started drawing and she asked me to draw her something.  So, I did and she liked it and asked for Hello Kitty.  I told her I can’t do it from memory and needed a picture so we got a Sponge Bob puzzle instead and I did Sponge Bob and Patrick from it and that got the ball rolling and pretty much I was drawing for kids for a bunch of the rest of the day.

Of Mario, Sonic, a dragon, some puppies, Alvin and Theodore from the Chipmunks, some random monsters, Deadpool, and some more, here are two that I would like to share.

And yes, Adam, I DID freehand it.  I just had the image on the screen of the computer and went to town drawing on paper.

This is Deadpool, and anti-hero that my step-sisters loves so I knew about him when a girl asked me to draw it for her dad.  So, here’s where I found it.  I totally don’t know if that’s the artist or not.

This is a drawing of a drawing.

This is a drawing of a drawing.

And here is Paper Mario also from an image online that I looked at when I was drawing.

It's me....Mario

It’s me…Mario!

Some cats just want to choose their own names.

You can call me Dakota but I won't respond

You can call me Dakota but I won’t respond

So my friends Emily and Brett have a pretend pet cat.  Pretend pet cat, you ask?  Well, it’s just that he comes around and is super friendly.  His real name is Dakota, but they’ve given him a new name…and he has accepted it.

I honestly don’t know how the name change started, but I’d like to think that he sent some sort of cat telepathy to them and convinced him that Jonesy is his real name.

But really….think about it.  You have a pet.  Your pet likes to wander and is rather friendly.  All the sudden you see your neighbor calling to you cat with a new name.  Kinda weird, right?  I guess you can’t control what a cat wants to be called.

Life lesson right here, people.

“The Change” is beginning…

How embarrassing...

How embarrassing…

So I’ve begun to let myself go and the URL of this blog is becoming more misleading.  I realize lately that I totally go places (work included) with cat fur on my clothes and am not specifically aware of it….nor do I really care – until I realize I have stupid cat fur all over me and I feel the social implications hurrying around my brain telling me that I’ll look like a true crazy cat lady if I don’t make a loop of scotch tape and furiously start rolling my clothes clean.

This has also led me on a brushing crusade with Duncan and Smudge with the intent to solve the root problem.  Because, you know, it’s not really my fault that I don’t want to clean the fur off my clothes when I decide to leave the house; it’s all theirs.  Sorry cats, it’s just easier this way.