A little fresh air and rock climbing is all Trudith and Percival need.


Hang on, Percival!

Adam and I used to rock climb at a gym in Raleigh and we both really miss it.  So here is my homage to that….with Trudith and Percival really showing off their stuff bouldering.  This might be one of my favorite drawings of all time, actually.

My favorite part is….can you guess?  Ok, I’ll tell you: the ant at the bottom and how close Percival is to the ground.  I crack myself up.

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  1. Love the ant at the bottom. Also love Trudith’s helmet, which is really only protecting her Marge-Simpson-like hairstyle. However, my favorite part is the way Percival’s cat-arms are hanging down in an attitude of complete non-cooperation because he refuses to take part in this adventure.

  2. Kate and I went climbing over Christmas at Cleveland Rock Gym. Not the best walls but it’s climbing anyway. It’s over on the East Side- not a terribly far drive.

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