Trudith and her cat (still unnamed as of yet) like to just hang out sometimes.

Just doing her thang.

Just doing her thang.

Thanks for all the cat name suggestions.  Trudith hasn’t told me yet which is the right one, though.

But anyway, here they are just chillin’….’cause that’s what Trudith does.

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  1. I think that a woman named Trudith would have a cat named Percival. It just has that somewhat snobby, yet mischievous ring to it: a cat who loves to snack on caviar yet is not above taking a good romp through the items on a lace-covered dresser top. cattoon that!
    [This from a woman who calls her dog Max the Labrapithound in her blog. (My blog is about the Bible, yet Max posts are in there to provide some comic relief.) ]

      • HaHa…I hadn’t realized the Purrcival aspect of that name. I also liked Jessi’s ‘Sir Fuzbluffen’ and Matt’s ‘Chauncy’. Perhaps a hybrid: Sir Percival Chauncy Fuzbluffen? Whatever name you choose is fine. After all, it is your (er, I mean, Trudith’s) cat.

        • By George, you’ve gotten it! Sir Pervical Chauncy Fuzbluffen it is! Thanks for the blend. It’s purrfect. (OMG, I can’t believe I just typed that…)

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