You know, it’s just a Shetland pony driving a car.

Just cruisin'
Just cruisin'

So I totally apologize for not having drawings the last week but I seriously have not sat down on a couch since Tuesday.  We have been doing house stuff galore and I ended up taking a 4 hour nap today because of it.  Can a nap be that long?  Or does it have a new name once it’s been longer than like an hour?  If you have any ideas about the name, you let me know.  Otherwise I’ll just call it a long-nap.

Anyway, I really wanted to do a drawing today but have no juice to get my creativity going, so I asked Adam for help.  He told me I should draw a Shetland pony driving a car.  I kind of suck at driving cars so I had to crop it, haha.

7 thoughts on “You know, it’s just a Shetland pony driving a car.

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    1. OMG (and I use that phase for emergencies only)….I totally missed that, ha! I am reading these next to Adam now and he said he was going to ask me about that. Slightly embarrassed about the Freudian slip but laughing because it’s hilarious!


  1. I enjoyed the pony cartoon. (pon-toon?) You know that pony would have its head out the window, yet responsibly looking forward like a good driver, while its mane would be streaming out behind like a dog’s ears do when they go for a ride. If you want to get really crazy, his tail could also stream out the opened back windows of the car. Either way, he probably drives way better than a lot of drivers I’ve seen. Hope he returns as a regular feature…or would you then have to be called notacrazycatorhorselady?


    1. Sorry this took so long for me to respond, but I was just formulating the appropriate response…..or I forgot. But either way, I’m here now….and that’s a great idea. I might have to make a redraw of this one with the adjustments 🙂 I actually was into horses when I was growing up and took horse back riding lessons, so I think notacrazycatorhorselady is actually spot on. 🙂


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