So I might have a new hobby. And it’s kind of more like manual labor.

I'm ready for you to make me smell less disgusting.

I'm ready for you to make me smell less disgusting.

It’s true.  We got a house!!!  It’s our first home and we’re excited…and a little poor.  And the new house is actually an old house that needs some fixing up.  Oh, and it smells like a nasty wet dog peed on itself and rolled all over the carpet for a year.  So we have to clean that up.

But, a little TLC comes with a price to pay, namely time.   So, please forgive me if in the coming weeks I am a little lax in my posting but I will putting my talent to good use fixing up a bungalow for us to live in.  I’m on my way to not being a basement troll anymore!!

Here is a sketch of our house getting excited that someone will love it again!  I think I’m going to think of a name for our house.   Do people do that?  I mean, I know people name them like “Sunset Manor” but I was thinking of a person name.  Like Edna.  More on that later.

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  1. I don’t think it’s any more silly to name a house than a car. And I know how you feel. The first week I moved in our house, I cleaned out dust like an inch thick in the built-ins. I’m not sure what all the stuff I dusted out was. Mouse pooh? Anyway, it took a while, but I’m really starting to get past the emergency maintenance and into the more fun stuff. I wish you luck! I hope you really enjoy your new home.

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