I wish I had the time or cared enough to do my nails because my cousin has some really cool ideas to try!

So I have been peepin' on my cousin's blog and she kicks butt for cool ideas and has what looks like incredibly patience and skills for detail.  Above is just one of the really cool things she posts.  So if you want cool ideas for painting your nails, check out her blog Mixed Mama! Plus,... Continue Reading →

Adam likes new wearing new accessories.

So I have a horrible secret to reveal.  I cause my husband gratuitous injuries.  Not like in a secret abusive relationship way, but either directly or indirectly, I cause Adam injuries on a fairly regular basis. For example, this weekend we decided to try cross-country skiing because the park system had a rental for boots... Continue Reading →

I give you a video of a speed climber.

Info first, video second... Adam and I were looking at YouTube videos of speed climbers to see them their climbing superpowers.  Seriously, that's ridiculously impressive.  So anyway, we click on this one....and I about died from laughring (laugh-crying).  Mostly the music made the whole thing.  And the intro text in the video. You might not... Continue Reading →

A new year, and a malfunctioning drawing tablet, so you’re stuck with this “cattoon.”

So my dumb ol' drawing tablet stylus is still broken and I had to order one from Amazon.  Boo.  But at least I'll soon be able to do better digital drawings than I did today with my mouse. What is this, you ask? I'm sitting on the couch, making a dumb face, with the "cats"... Continue Reading →

Drumroll please…………….TADA! Today is ONE FULL YEAR OF NOTACRAZYCATLADY!!!

Sorry for all the caps up there but I AM EXCITED!  This marks the end of the first year of notacrazycatlady and also the conclusion of my post a day challenge. For those of you from the beginning, you know that I have boldly accepted the challenge (from WordPress.com and I suppose myself) to post... Continue Reading →

True story.

Does anyone else have the problem where they believe their couches to have some sort of magical powers?  It's like as soon as I sit near/on one with a moderate amount of relaxation, I'm immediately cast under its spell for a minimum of an hour, usually 3.  What the heck? True story.


So I took this photo on our honeymoon in Maine and I decided...you know, since I'm not a crazy cat lady....that it would be fun to pretend the cats were there, too.  Since Smudge loves to get in the way of things he is photobombing a lovely shot of Duncan dipping his toes in the... Continue Reading →

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