My husband is cool.

Flowers 'n' Chocolates
Flowers 'n' Chocolates

So today turned out pretty awesome.  Sorry for no cattoon but this was exciting.  I got to go to my bff Sarah’s community band concert (haha, I know.  I totally am joining soon so there’ll be funny cattoons on that topic coming up in the nearish future) and THEN I come home to this!  What a treat!  Adam is a cool dude.

Best part?  The friggin’ awesome rainbow wafers courtesy of Malley’s – a Cleveland local chocolate company that is super delish.  I am kind of obsessed with these wafers and talk about them a lot so Adam was kind enough to indulge my hunger for candy.

Worst part?  He told me he was going to get a few groceries and he didn’t really go get them.  But he DID at least get me my Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese sticks – the BEST by far of the string cheese cheeses.  I’ve done extensive research and taste testing…I know.  But totally jk about the whole “worst part” thing.  I’m no brat.  (Ok, I suppose I can be at times…)

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