Smudge really needs a manicure.


The other day Smudge was climbing on me to get to some food on a tv tray – way to go Duncan teaching your brother dumb tricks and bad habits.  Adam tried to gently dissuade him with a wee shove but Smudge wasn’t ready to budge.  So he just casually pierced my fleshy quad with his razor sharp talon claws in an attempt to stay close to his beloved food bits.  So I had 14-ish pounds of cat hanging from my leg.  And now I literally have 10 little claws lines in my leg.  No joke.

6 thoughts on “Smudge really needs a manicure.

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  1. Haha yes I can definitely sympathize. It’s really painful when cat claws dig into you like that, but usually the only battle wound I end up with are tiny red dots where the claws were. The marks never match up with the pain level.


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