Art imitating art imitating life. Is that how that goes?

So I have been busy these days because I think I want to start going to craft shows….make that a craft show….I’ve never been before.   But I’ve made baby onesises and cool little magnets, and painted stools for friends and family before, so I figured why not try it out with strangers?    I decided I needed something else to have at my craft stand, plus I just wanted to try and paint fun little canvases, so I’ve been painting little pictures and whatnot.

I didn’t know what to post today, but I painted a portrait (is that the right word) of Smudge today.  Adam said I should take a picture of it and post that.  I declined.  It’s one of those things where I didn’t quite like little things but they made a big difference to me.  Which is strange because I post stupid cartoons everyday.  But whatever.

So instead I decided to draw a dumb little cartoon of me showing off my painting of Smudge.  Enjoy!

And maybe the painting will show its face.  Maybe.  Eh, who knows?

6 thoughts on “Art imitating art imitating life. Is that how that goes?

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    1. Thanks….I haven’t actually entered one yet….I’m just working on things so that I’ll have enough to get into one and feel not like a loser with 3 things on a table when other people have glorious little booths. I saw one of those this summer and it made me sad. 😦 But thanks for the well-wishes!


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