JoJo versus the Helicopter

My little brother and sister got remote controlled helicopters and they were a big hit for everyone to play with.  However, JoJo the dog also found them....intriguing.  I can't really say how JoJo felt because he fervently began barking at it, following it, retreating from it, AND madly wagging his tail at it.  I can't quite determine what... Continue Reading →

It’s a party!

This is a post live from a family holiday party!  I am a leaning cat because I am a bit tipsy, haha.  There are  a lot of family members here and I don't want to eavesdrop on their conversations so that's why I made them say "blah blah"...not that they just blah blah it up.  🙂

Ho. Ho. Ho.

So I was showing students this neat online whiteboard website and they asked me to draw Santa.  So I did.  Comments included, "He's creepy," "It's good but it's not good" (maybe 'cause it's creepy?), and "I like it."  I guess that isn't so bad.  Thanks, 7th graders; your 12- and 13-year old insights are invaluable and... Continue Reading →

“Adam, I’m no wimp” or “A post based on childish response to taunting by a husband”

Ok, I give in.  Mostly because Adam called me a wimp in my comments.  Boo hoo - now I'm crying but when I'm done I'm gonna show you and post that dumb painting! That'll show you.... Here is the painitng of Mr. Smudge.  It's on his favorite chair to add to the realism.  I know... Continue Reading →

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