I’m such a good cat mom.

You're welcome, Duncan!
You're welcome, Duncan!

Yeah, this was kinda a rough little drawing, so ignore that.  The story is better.

Last night Duncan fell asleep on me, which he seldom does.  I put a squish pillow on him (otherwise known as a Teddy Log) since cats love having stuff on them, right?  So in the middle of the night I hear and feel the pillow hit the floor and then I make the move of the century and grab Duncan as his little body slowly slid off the bed and I saved him and brought him back up before he smashed to the floor.

I remember wondering if he was dead because he didn’t even flinch when I awkward sleep-grabbed him and pulled him up so he could be spooned.  But then he was breathing.  And now he’s annoyingly pawing at papers on the desk.

All is back to normal.

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