Announcing our champion….Smudge!

Go, Smudge, go!
Go, Smudge, go!

Smudge has been racing around all night like a bat out of hell, so I decided to award him with the Speed Running award.  He’s the champ.

One thought on “Announcing our champion….Smudge!

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  1. I have had 3 cats who do this. I call it night-time racing. My house has one main hallway running the length of the house that connects all the bedrooms and our den. My cats routinely race up and down between my bedroom (at one end of the hallway) and the den on the opposite end of the house. The first cat to do this used it as a method of helping nature along on it’s usual course. The other two are young cats and either do it to compete with each other or to wake me in the middle of the night, I just haven’t figured out which! Nice picture, I really like how you’ve drawn Smudge’s feet!


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