This is what you should look for when determining if your party went well or not.

Party's are a blast...especially when everyone starts drawing (please read this in the cheesiest voice and most sarcastic tone possible for full impact).  But we actually did have a ton of fun. Ken and Lee had a little get together and drawing commenced somehow.  Lee let me draw a few fun party memories on his... Continue Reading →

I went upstairs today to find Duncan just causally lounging on the countertop staring at the oven.  I know he was just making sure it didn't overcook.  What a good member of the household...


We've been feeding the kitties Fancy Feast to avoid any more Disasterbetes drama and I've decided it's waaaaay easier to just leave the can and lid on the floor for the kids to clean them all up than trying to stop them from getting into the recycled cans.  Plus, I don't have to rinse the cans... Continue Reading →


Duncan and Smudge have lost somethings very special to them; their favorite toys.  Crazy Mouse and "The Dude" are gone and nowhere to be found.  Perhaps their Uncle Schotze stole them because they chase him sometimes. Fun fact: One day we found Crazy Mouse standing up like in the cartoon.  No one put him there... Continue Reading →

How is it that cats can sleep in the least comfortable positions?

So I needed an idea for my cattoon today and Prentice shared on my Facebook page that I should draw " Hilarious poses/places cat sleep in. They would look uncomfortable [to] any other animal, but cats make it look like the bee's knees."   Pretty much her using "the bee's knees" sold me.  Thanks to Judy,... Continue Reading →

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