Ken’s Pierogery

Ken's Pierogery
Ken's Pierogery

Perhaps you don’t know but pierogi are a delicious delicious delicious meal.  And last night, Adam’s cousin Sam hosted a Pierogi Party!  It was fun…minus the manual labor part.  Here’s how it works.  If you want to eat delicious pierogi, you have to help make them.

It’s actually not that bad, especially since Sam and her friend made all the ingredients ahead of time and did most of the work.  Our job was to put together the fillings into the little dough pockets, which we had to construct.

Needless to say, our pierogi started out a little less than beautiful looking.  In fact, they looked a lot more like bean pods than anything.  Except Ken’s.  My brother-in-law’s boyfriend Ken was making kick-ass pierogi and we decided he should help front a pierogi store, that we decided should be called a “pierogery.”

There was a bit of a faction between us pierogi-makers and for a while during the night I was going to run a competition pierogery, but by the end of the night we concluded that we can work together at his pierogery and make the Pierogi-Coma – a dish consisting of 3 courses all in one giant pierogi.

We’ll let you know when the store front opens….

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  1. Call me a pierogi pedant, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you used the word correctly and didn’t say “pierogies” (which is a double plural, since pierogi is already plural).

    Okay, I’m done. But I love this. And I wish I had some pierogi. ❤


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