Lee has a very efficient approach to pests.

As summer was coming to an end, we saw an unusual influx of flies circulating around the house.  My brother-in-law Lee was not happy about this and conducted his own fly round up.....using the vacuum cleaner.  Actually a very efficient and easy clean up procedure.  The flies were surprisingly good at escaping its grasp, though; but that... Continue Reading →

TV fun.

So I've started to watch the new show Pan Am.  It's a bit out there and ridiculous with the characters and kind of moves too quickly for an episode (just a LOT seems to happen in the episode but it seems a bit too packed and unrealistic maybe) but I still like it all the... Continue Reading →

Ken’s Pierogery

Perhaps you don't know but pierogi are a delicious delicious delicious meal.  And last night, Adam's cousin Sam hosted a Pierogi Party!  It was fun...minus the manual labor part.  Here's how it works.  If you want to eat delicious pierogi, you have to help make them. It's actually not that bad, especially since Sam and her friend... Continue Reading →

Sink Cats

Who would think that cats would choose to repose so near to their mortal enemy Water. Anyway, Lynn said, "Since I have two adorable kitties, Semirhage and Asmodean, if I have to pick just one photo, it has to be this one of them sharing the sink! I think it's adorable!"

Elmo loves Chihuahuas.

Here are some foster chihuahua babies that Jamie submitted.  Little did they know that they would soon be eaten by Elmo...this is more of a tragedy, really.   But a lesson to not trust former puppets forced into a life of being a chair.  Anger issues.

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