Jas and Fluffy Butt

Jas and Fluffy Butt
Jas and Fluffy Butt

Here is a lovely little guinea pig….in a canoe….with a paddle.  Here is what my cousin said when she entered this photo:

“This is Jas and Fluffy Butt. Fluffy Butt is wearing a feather headdress and accessorizing with a canoe paddle. I unfortunately missed snapping him in the canoe, but this was before digital cameras and back then I apparently only took one picture of anything because I was stingy with my film.”

I hope she doesn’t mind that I took a little creative liberty and gave Fluffy Butt the canoe ride that should have been….or at least should have been captured for the memories.

Oh, just in case you cared or guessed…I am going to draw all the entries I’ve gotten so far….so keep coming to see yours if you entered! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jas and Fluffy Butt

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  1. Fluffy Butt finally gets his 15 minutes of fame! Thank you so much for making him so attractive. The fish is also super cute! I think you captured Jasmine’s pride at having “styled” yet another pet. She also made our male cat, Hempy, a convertible dress (one of the dresses that can transform into different styles) out of gold Lamé fabric. Although he looked stunning (gold Lamé on an orange tiger cat? To die for!) he was a little self-conscious in it. Maybe because it was strapless?
    Thanks again!


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